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Located in southern Hungary, a few kilometers from Budapest, Pécs is a city renowned for its cultural heritage. It was named European Capital of Culture in 2010. For almost a century, the city’s artistic scene has been remarkable. Indeed, many internationally renowned artists are associated with the city. The best-known of these are Victor Vasarely, considered one of the leaders of the Op Art movement, and Marcel Breuer, a leading figure in the Bauhaus movement. The city, which rightly identifies itself as a cradle of culture, boasts a significant artistic influence, is home to the country’s oldest university and has a rich heritage from the 150-year Ottoman occupation. Historically, Pécs was a multi-ethnic city where many cultures blended together, creating a melting pot of different values, the rich result of 2000 years of history.

Exhibition - M21 Gallery
2024.11.07 → 2025.01.25

The 1960s were a key period in the United States, a time of unprecedented upheaval, marked by political protests, social changes and artistic experimentations. The counter-culture flourished, civil rights were asserted, and music became a reflection of the aspirations of a committed generation. Indeed, in parallel with these profound transformations, rock’n’roll, folk and pop music became key means of expression for committed artists and the younger generation.